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PAWLIK is a consulting company. We develop organizations and their employees with one clear goal in mind: achieving results!


Digital transformation is driven by technology. Whether the transformation is a success, however, depends on the people.

We help companies permanently adjust expertise, structures, and processes to new requirements. Life-long learning has never been more important.

War for Talents

Half of all companies have a hard time finding high performers for the digital world.

We help you recruit the best employees as well as identify and develop internal talent.

New Work

If work becomes more important than humans, what will humans’ relationship to work be?

To gain the loyalty of employees, you must give them the chance to utilize their potential in the digital world of work. All individuals must be offered the freedom to fulfill themselves.

We help you with this.

Demographic Change

Demographic change forces employers to think differently. Generations aged 50 and above have increasing appeal, and underqualified employees are gaining new opportunities.

We identify the potential in existing teams and develop the relevant employees in line with clearly-defined goals.


Innovative businesses need people with diverse experiences and views.

However, diversity can also bring potential for conflicts. We assist you in building high-performing teams out of a heterogeneous workforce and leading them to success.


The global economy offers corporate groups and SMEs more growth opportunities than ever before.

With our branch offices around the world, we accompany businesses into foreign cultures and support you in establishing efficient cross-border processes.

People make companies successful.
That is why we focus on the individuality of every single employee.



We take the time to really get to know our clients. After a thorough evaluation of the organization in question, we work with team members to establish motivating goals.



While our clients all struggle with similar issues, each faces a unique set of challenges. Our systematic approach enables us to take account of each organization’s particularities and to find the solutions that work for them.



Most people are capable of more than they realize. We help individuals and organizations discover hidden capabilities and make the most of their potential.



Our approach is grounded in the latest neurobiological and psychological research, putting us at the cutting edge in the field.



In over two decades of consulting, we’ve developed unparalleled methodological expertise, adapting the latest insights from a range of fields for use in the workplace. Our guiding principle is results.



Our 300 experts have extensive practical as well as theoretical experience in their areas of expertise, enabling them to predict the success of development activities and determine realistic goals.



With our services, we are represented at fifteen locations worldwide and active in 60 countries.


Our Services

Under the umbrella of the PAWLIK Group, we offer consulting, recruiting and digital excellence from a single source.

Project Excellence

Customized project management means you make the right moves at a faster pace. We unlock your potential and ensure you stay ahead and on track.

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Agile Excellence

Agile teams are needed if customer requests are to be fulfilled quickly and targeted technical opportunities taken advantage of. Professional, skilled employees in these situations make efficient decisions about what to do and how. However, working in these structures is something that has to be learned.

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Experience Management

Making a difference that makes a difference: The only way to generate this kind of dynamic is through holistic Experience Management. We get companies into shape, making them fit for the future so that they can best serve their customers and employees.

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Sales Excellence

Are your sales not exhausting their potential? It is often unclear what the obstacles are. We identify the most important influences and optimize them with an individual sales program.

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Culture Transformation

Culture is one of the strongest and most enduring factors in the success of a company. That makes it particularly relevant in times of change. We help you influence your corporate culture with an eye to the future and, in doing so, build the foundation for ongoing success.

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HR Management

In order to hire, develop and retain the brightest minds, companies today need to consider human resource management in holistic terms. In the “war for talent,” we make your HRM fit for the future.

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Blended Learning & Training

With more than 25 years of training behind us, we know that there’s more to most employees than meets the eye. Training and blended learning deliver a win-win situation in which each member of your team develops their full potential, thereby allowing you to profit from their expanded capabilities.

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Executive Coaching

Despite the use of advanced management methods, managers sometimes miss their targets, and are constantly under pressure, which is why it is important to engage with an executive coach. At PAWLIK, we meet with your managers to discuss their needs and create common solutions.

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Professional Coaching

With business coaching, you reflect on your individual ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. Together, we identify the stumbling blocks that impede your further success and give you one-on-one training to develop your unutilized potential.

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Leadership Performance

Would you like your company to become more profitable? To expand to new markets or increase your competitiveness with new services? Then focus on leadership performance.

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Talent Management

Which employees have the greatest potential? Find talented candidates for your key positions and determine their specific development needs! This is how a company retains the best of the best. We support you with this.

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Personnel Diagnostics

Imagine if you could predict which of your young professionals had what it takes to be a top manager. Or if you could get a reliable estimate of an applicant’s chances of success before hiring them. Our personnel diagnostics makes these things possible.

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Assessment Center

How do employees behave in key moments? Do they display talents even they didn’t know they had? At our Assessment and Development Centers, we simulate key workplace situations that are critical to your company’s success.

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A recent survey of 258 HR consulting firms by the Federal Association of German Management Consultancies (BDU) shows that employees are once again more likely to stick with their jobs. 52 percent of the HR consulting firms surveyed said that candidates' willingness to change jobs had declined significantly since the beginning of the year.

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A recent study by PAWLIK Consultants in cooperation with the rheingold Institut shows that the majority of companies in Germany are not doing enough or not the right things to retain their employees.

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Some Information for You

For us, “making it happen” means helping you turn your company goals into results. We transform organizations into coherent systems and develop the personal potential of employees. We use the latest scientific research results as a basis for this.

Each year, we invest five percent of our revenue to learn about learning. We are happy for our clients, partners, and other interested persons to share in our findings.

We would therefore like to ask for your consent to us contacting you with up-to-date information about our services and specialties.



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