Sales Recruiting

For increased
sales power

Thanks to our first-rate network, we can quickly find the right high-flier for your sales team.

Reasons for
Sales Recruiting

Who can rate the performance of sales staff better than someone else involved in sales? Our personnel consultants are some of the best in their field and have first-rate networks specific to those fields. We can build an entire sales force from scratch, even in tough job markets. Identifying the top performers in sales has been part of our core business for over 20 years.

Fill positions quickly

Your vacancies will be filled quicker than would normally be the case using internal methods.

Reduce staff turnover

If you find the right person, they’ll stay. Thanks to our personnel diagnostics, we can see how well the personality of a candidate matches your company.

Measuring sales skills

We use a potential analysis developed in-house for salespeople to assess the sales-related skills of the candidate.

People make companies successful.
That is why we focus on the individuality of every single employee. How?

How We Work

PAWLIK gives you a fixed point of contact who can process your search request from start to finish, and only suggest candidates who are the perfect fit for your corporate culture and sales philosophy: How do salespeople handle critical customers? How do they motivate themselves when a confirmed order is then canceled?

We’ll find that out for you prior to appointing the candidate and prevent unwelcome surprises during the probation period. This is why we work with the latest recruiting methods, which improve accuracy and performance.

Our solutions

Our recruiting service follows a multi-stage process. Throughout the process, we keep a close eye from start to finish on the suitability of candidates for your company and sales philosophy. We only put forward candidates whose skills match the requirements profile.

Developing a tailored requirements profile

In collaboration with your HR department, we first create a requirements profile for the vacant position comprising professional qualifications and company-specific soft skills.

Use a powerful search method

Our multi-channel recruiting approach and our in-house sourcing algorithm allows us to search database systems, sales and sector-specific networks as well as various social media channels at the same time to find the right candidate for you.

Identifying potential

Candidates who are shortlisted undergo a multi-stage qualification process. By conducting a series of personal interviews and performing a science-based potential analysis which reveals strengths and areas for development, we can guarantee a high degree of accuracy in finding the right candidate to fill your vacancies.

Alongside the professional qualifications and many years of career experience held by our consultants in leadership, sales, and consulting positions, all PAWLIK consultants possess sound knowledge for the application of a Prof. Julius Kuhl potential analysis. We are one of the few consultancies in Germany that are entitled to apply this potential analysis.

Experience, Expertise, and System

Felix Ohlhauser


Felix Ohlhauser began his professional career at PAWLIK Consultants in 2015 and currently works for the sales recruiting division in a management position. Prior to taking up his current position, Felix Ohlhauser was responsible for developing our international consultant network, as well as acquiring and planning major projects in personnel development, primarily in the automotive, mechanical engineering and consumer goods sectors.

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“In the war for talent, successful salespeople rarely apply for positions themselves, but are approached. Almost all companies today pursue active sourcing methods, yet this can be very time-consuming, and it takes experience to find the right candidate. Our 20 years of expertise in this area allows us to provide effective support.”


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