The engine of
success lies
in leadership

Would you like your company to become more profitable? To expand to new markets or increase your competitiveness with new services? Then focus on leadership performance.

Reasons for

Whether in conventional situations or in an agile environment with self-organized teams, leadership performance makes that crucial difference. No one is born with good leadership skills—they have to be learned and constantly refreshed. With our Leadership Performance program, we train and coach managers on every level of the corporate structure to equip them with the right leadership skills, while putting our clients on the right road to long-term success.

Generating growth

To generate additional growth, your senior managers must channel two different skills: Defining the right strategic goals, and providing your employees with the personal motivation to achieve them. Strong leadership recognizes and utilizes talented people, and gives them the space to develop ideas for innovative products and services. It must also create structures in which employees can be motivated and work as a team constructively. These include shared goals, solution-based processes, and promotion of a value-added culture. The empathy that leaders have for staff, and the personal motivation of employees, go right to the heart of a successful company.

People make companies successful.
That is why we focus on the individuality of every single employee. How?

How we work

We believe in the combined power of strategic and personal leadership skills, because success can only come about through shared effort. To enhance both sides, we approach them on an individual basis, because we believe the interaction of your key players within the company as a whole is absolutely crucial.

Many individual cogs in the wheel need to be adjusted to optimize this interaction; such cogs include strategic approaches, process optimization, a company’s culture, learning structures, and many more. Specific areas of action are identified individually, with the sum of all these parts enhancing performance.

Our solutions

We come from practice. Our consultants have previously held responsible positions in companies. This is the only way we can look at a company from the outside, understand its values and culture as well as its management understanding, and optimize structures and processes accordingly.


To achieve your company goals, all the key factors must be intertwined and in proper alignment. This means harmonizing the company’s vision, values, culture, and style of leadership, and then adapting structures and processes accordingly. Only by doing this will you achieve your long-term goals. Sometimes, however, you need to look beyond your own setup, and this is where we can help with more than two decades of management consultancy experience.

Performance Management

Lone fighters are good, but strong teams are better. So how well do your teams actually work together? We can identify where problems still arise and create the right conditions for fluid, productive cooperation between your employees and teams. These include clear rules, efficient coordination and decision-making processes, quality of meetings and communication, trackable goals, results-oriented information management, transparent resource planning, and not least, a leadership style that puts the employee at the center of how we think and how we act.

Structural modernization

Time and again we see enormous potential for improvement with regard to processes and rules. We help you identify old, obsolete ideas, and adapt previous decisions to the new reality.

Learning and innovation

Success companies always take a second look at their solutions before others—competitors and customers, in other words—do the same. We establish a vibrant feedback and learning culture in which voices offering constructive criticism are also heard, while providing assistance in launching agile structures and the accompanying change management systems, including the development of sustainable learning systems. Companies only survive through learning.

Alongside the professional qualifications and many years of career experience held by our consultants in leadership, sales, and consulting positions, all PAWLIK consultants possess sound knowledge for the application of a Prof. Julius Kuhl potential analysis. We are one of the few consultancies in Germany that are entitled to apply this potential analysis.

Experience, Expertise, and System

Jörg Hausmann


Jörg Hausmann joined PAWLIK CONSULTANTS in 2006, and has added immense value to the company as a certified coach, trainer, and consultant. Since 2015, he has headed the personnel development team at PAWLIK in Germany, applying his considerable passion to the areas of corporate transformation processes, and the personnel factors that contribute to success. An accredited blended learning trainer, Jörg Hausmann is also a professional scrum master and holds a certification in Professional Agile Leadership.

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“A desire for sustainable success is always cited as a reason for whatever degree of self-organization a company chooses to implement. In rapidly changing markets, you need to master the various aspects of leadership, and be able to deploy them at the right time.”


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For us, “making it happen” means helping you turn your company goals into results. We transform organizations into coherent systems and develop the personal potential of employees. We use the latest scientific research results as a basis for this.

Each year, we invest five percent of our revenue to learn about learning. We are happy for our clients, partners, and other interested persons to share in our findings.

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