Customized project management means you make the right moves at a faster pace. We unlock your potential and ensure you stay ahead and on track.

Reasons for
Project Excellence

At PAWLIK, our Project Excellence means implementing strategies that work. It means not just talking, but actually doing. Choosing the right strategy is crucial to the success of any project. Whatever the form – agile, classic or hybrid – all three types of project management strategies have their specific purpose. It’s important to know which one best helps companies like yours get where they want to go. 

We know that successful projects are built on clear frameworks of accountability and coherent decision-making processes. We also know that it all comes down to the people involved, their skills and their resources. That’s why we’re always mindful of the bigger picture and the need for a structured approach. As soon as we get the green light, we’re ready to go with a toolkit of methods spanning all areas of project management.

Focus your energy

Many companies face an uphill battle because not all of their projects contribute to the same goal across the entire organization. We help to structure companies in ways that allow them to efficiently leverage their resources and realize their full potential.

Get projects on track

Project work is complex, both in terms of content and the people involved. Projects can easily falter or come to a complete standstill. A neutral, analytical outside perspective can help, shedding light on both methodological and interpersonal issues.

Define frameworks

Every project needs a framework that’s fine-tuned to fits its particular setting. We identify which project management strategy – agile, classic or hybrid – is best suited to drive your project toward success.

Clear logjams

Does your company have a clear strategy, but no progress to show for itself yet? When this happens, it’s important to identify whatever’s getting in the way of execution. Is everyone involved working toward the same goal? Are there interpersonal conflicts? Once these logjams have been cleared, companies can move forward.

Successfully master agile projects

An agile approach is the right choice when engaging in highly complex projects. In order to make it work over the long term, a company requires not only secure methods, but an agile mindset and appropriate internal structures. PAWLIK is at your side throughout the process.

People make companies successful.
That is why we focus on the individuality of every single employee. How?

How We Work

True to our “Make it happen!” mission statement, Project Excellence at PAWLIK means we deliver high-energy support that always stays on target from start to finish. Based on sound theoretical research, our work is also distinctly hands-on, which means that we’re there on-site to provide guidance.

We always begin by working together with our clients to establish which project management approach is best suited to the context. We also believe that leadership and team skills are crucial to determining the success of a project. For this reason, the human factor is always at the heart of what we do. We aim to empower customers to successfully manage projects on their own.

Our solutions

At PAWLIK, our Project Excellence is grounded in robust project management methodologies and a strong grasp of how to help people deliver their best. We believe these are the key characteristics necessary to ensure successful project work for companies seeking to remain competitive in today’s VUCA world.

We’re eager to help you navigate this challenge. Whether this involves large-scale international projects or more modest local activities, resolving internal conflicts in teams, ironing out issues with stakeholders, or simply skills training for project managers in specific business units – we tailor our services to your needs.

Project architecture analysis

From new corporate strategies to rampant growth and/or frictional loss in project work: we survey your project landscape, locate root causes, and develop a cut-to-your-needs solution.

Project implementation

PAWLIK provides clients short and/or long-term operational support in realizing projects, from initiation to implementation. Our portfolio includes project managers, program/portfolio managers and full-fledged project management offices.

Skills building

We train your employees in all areas of project management. This includes the basics of agile, hybrid and classic project management skills as well as interpersonal skills for leadership and teamwork.

Alongside the professional qualifications and many years of career experience held by our consultants in leadership, sales, and consulting positions, all PAWLIK consultants possess sound knowledge for the application of a Prof. Julius Kuhl potential analysis. We are one of the few consultancies in Germany that are entitled to apply this potential analysis.

Experience, Expertise and System

Jennifer Nebeling

Jennifer Nebeling began her career at PAWLIK in 2018, becoming a partner in 2020. She specializes in consultancy services, project design, program design, optimizing processes, and executive training and coaching. Her clients value her hands-on approach and agile mindset. Jennifer Nebeling studied industrial and organizational psychology and is a certified business coach.

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“In the VUCA world, project management skills are a key competitive advantage. They determine whether or not a company will be able to adapt quickly enough to changing conditions.”


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