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With more than 25 years of training behind us, we know that there’s more to most employees than meets the eye. Training and blended learning deliver a win-win situation in which each member of your team develops their full potential, thereby allowing you to profit from their expanded capabilities.

Reasons for
Training &
Blended Learning

In the race for innovation and excellence, your employees’ skills are critical. Our research identifies the skills that make executives, sales associates, back-office staff and service personnel fit for the future. Our made-to-measure competency framework for agility is focused entirely on this crucial key to success.
Drawing on modern blended-learning architectures, our development programs ensure long-term learning success by combining face-to-face events with virtual events, e-training and microlearning opportunities. All our trainers are certified in blended and remote learning methods; they also possess outstanding teaching skills and see learning as a process that involves encouraging participants to self-reflect.

Each PAWLIK program is specifically tailored to our clients’ goals and to the individual potential of participants.

Develop the skills needed

We target those skills that help your employees achieve more: successful (customer) acquisition, agile leadership, efficient project management and much more!

Develop teams

Training can help solve problems that arise in new departments or in an existing team. We train the skills that promote cohesion, collaboration, communication and conflict management.

Prepare for the next step

Would you like to help employees advance in their careers? We prepare and train them to acquire the skills they need to succeed in their new position.

Motivate for the long-term

What truly motivates a person? This question is crucial if you’re expecting excellence. With the help of our training, participants get to the core of what really motivates them and learn how to leverage it – so they can deliver their best.

People make companies successful.
That is why we focus on the individuality of every single employee. How?

How We Work

At PAWLIK, we measure the success of our training in terms of whether or not it results in permanent learning effects that involve new behaviors. For us, learning is not a one-time event. Instead, it takes consistent, structured practice to develop new and lasting routines.

At the beginning of each learning adventure, we use an in-depth and evidence-based potential analysis to determine where you’re at and what your development needs are. We use this to then develop individual and collective recommendations for action. Training programs that use e-training and microlearning solutions in a blended learning format have a much longer-lasting impact and are demonstrably relevant for everyday life.

At the end of each learning unit, we send participants back to work with specific tasks that allow them to apply what they’ve learned and develop viable routines. Each participant receives materials that are adapted to their individual learning style.

On-the-job learning accounts for 70 percent of the total training time. This means that your employees spend most of their time at their workstations. Only about a third of their training time is spent either “off the job” with knowledge transfers or “near the job” with professional feedback and discussions that facilitate self-reflection and internalization. This means that your employees spend most of their time at their workstations.

Our solutions

Our training content draws on the potential we’ve identified in your employees by means of our potential analysis. We then target the specific skills they need to do their job. Moving step-by-step from “KNOWING” to “DOING” and “DOING²”, we make sure you’re ready to take on the real-world challenges ahead.

Knowledge – expand horizons

We broaden what employees know about the methods relevant to their specific task area, be it management, services, back-office, sales or in forming agile teams.

Doing – apply skills

Knowledge is useful only if you know how to apply it effectively. We improve participants’ ability to self-direct. We also make behavior visible and train new skills until they become routine.

Doing2 – break through barriers

If and when barriers, disruptive modes of thinking and/or anxieties emerge in the process of doing, we help participants overcome these hurdles. If needed, we switch over to personal coaching.

Award-winning e-learning solutions

We use PINKTUM’s award-winning e-training courses. The contents of our respective programs go hand-in-hand with each other. This creates a learning architecture that helps participants develop new routines that are relevant to everyday life.


Implementing new behaviors is made easier with the help of an app from our subsidiary Compenyon. In short videos, the app suggests certain steps users can take, reminds them of what they’ve already learned, and nudges them toward action.

Remote training

Much of our training can be done virtually. Our online kickoffs introduce participants to the programs, and our virtual classrooms encourage them to discuss what they’re learning with other participants. Participants thus benefit from an intense learning experience, especially when working in pairs and groups. Unlike a seminar setting, participants engage in exchange on several levels and channels simultaneously. This leads to more actively engaged participants and results that last.

Up-to-date training topics

In light of recent COVID-19-related developments, we’ve expanded our training portfolio. This allows us to continue helping management and employees achieve their goals today – and tomorrow.

Alongside the professional qualifications and many years of career experience held by our consultants in leadership, sales, and consulting positions, all PAWLIK consultants possess sound knowledge for the application of a Prof. Julius Kuhl potential analysis. We are one of the few consultancies in Germany that are entitled to apply this potential analysis.

Experience, Expertise, and System

Ingo Poggensee

After his officer training, Ingo Poggensee studied pedagogy in Hamburg, completed an apprenticeship in finance and earned an MBA in "Financial Management" at the University of Wales. He has been with PAWLIK Consultants since 1998, with the exception of four years as an independent consultant and interim manager. Ingo Poggensee is a consultant, trainer, coach, author, speaker, certified blended learning trainer, Agile Leader and NLP Master. As a partner, he leads a team at PAWLIK through national and international client projects. Increasing sales and leadership performance sustainably is his strength.

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“Learning should be seen as a continuous process rather than a one-off event. Blended Learning is a cutting-edge concept, and the ideal way in which to shape this continuous process. Participants first acquire the necessary level of knowledge through interactive methods, and build upon this over the long term to expand their skill sets to include the skills they need. PAWLIK is just the right partner to help them do this.”


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