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Malte Pfahl

Malte Pfahl from Perim Digital in a conversation about the opportunities and challenges of Digital Recruiting.


Where does business stand in terms of digital recruiting and what are the challenges?

Using digital solutions in the recruiting process is essential for the future. Everyone agrees on that! But putting recruiting completely in the hands of digital solutions is not only difficult for many companies. Candidates also still have doubts about that. I see the biggest challenge in finding the right combination of human power and technology.

How can employers respond to these challenges?

Digital solutions need to focus on where you can offer a maximum added value to candidates and provide optimal support for recruiters. This means reducing administrative activities through intelligent systems and, for example, answering initial questions from potential candidates through a chatbot.

What are the current pitfalls?

Touchpoints are often not yet aligned. Meaning that despite the great pressure many companies are facing in view of elementary unfilled positions, the overall impression should be right. For example, if one hires recruiters out of necessity to fill a position as quickly as possible but can neither map an attractive career site nor a smooth process through a good applicant management system, recruiting suffers. A candidate who does not perceive a coherent image is very likely to leave the process.

And how do you help?

Together with our clients, we identify the right fields of action for successful digital recruiting and a sustainable setup to convince candidates of the company.  In this way, we analyse the digital accessibility, candidate experience and employer branding of our clients in order to provide the right recommendations for action, including digital solutions.

What is your USP, what sets you apart from any competitors?

Our advantage is the combination of our recruiting know-how with digital expertise. Our digital solutions address the specific challenges in the recruiting process that we have specialised in for 12 years. Through scaled products and services, such as the Online Recruiting Check, Talent Acquisition List and Online Chatbot, we have already been able to offer 340 clients the best and most sustainable price-performance portfolio in order to successfully position themselves for the future in the war for talent."

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