"People Want to Be Part of Success and Failure – Otherwise You Lose Them."

21st Pawlik Congress in Hamburg

At the 21st Pawlik Congress on November 14-15 in Hamburg, Dr. Joachim Gauck, David Coulthard, Jürgen Klinsmann and other speakers spoke to 250 guests about what bonds people together and drives them to shape the future even in uncertain times. In his keynote address, host Joachim Pawlik presented the results of the Congress study "Cohesion – Tomorrow’s Bonding Forces," which will be published

In his opening speech, host Joachim Pawlik, CEO of the PAWLIK Group, spoke to around 250 executives and decision-makers about how employees are currently gradually losing their bond with their teams and their employer. The study "Cohesion - Tomorrow's Bonding Forces" conducted by PAWLIK Consultants with the rheingold Institute and published on November 21 shows why bonding is eroding. Without warning, employees first resign mentally („quiet quitting”), then turn in their letters of resignation. "People are not seen enough as people and not valued enough" said Pawlik: "They want to be part of success and failure - otherwise you lose them." Joachim Pawlik used concrete examples to show what leadership can and must do differently in order to strengthen cohesion.

Former German President  Dr. Joachim Gauck explained that he has the same experiences in politics: "We see how quickly people feel that they are not part of something." He said the accelerated pace of change is unsettling entire segments of society and particularly frightening to those with little training in self-determination and personal responsibility. Gauck pleaded for more trust in one another and to opt for courage, not fear.

Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden, also built his success story on togetherness. "When people get together, they get creative," Dickinson said. With a constant desire for new things and solutions, he became not only one of the most successful rock stars and one of England's best fencers, but also a brewer, author and aviation entrepreneur. Creativity happens together, Dickinson said, but "if you don't have the right people, you're doomed to fail."

Jürgen Klinsmann appeared live on video from the USA. Asked about the favorites for the 2022 World Cup, the former German soccer coach replied: "Brazil and Argentina. Maybe Portugal as well." Like Messi in Argentina, Cristiano Ronaldo wants to crown his career and has a strong team behind him, he said.

On the evening before the congress, former Formula 1 racing driver David Coulthard thrilled guests with his memories of racing in an interview with Dunja Hayali. He spoke about how he canceled his wedding after surviving a plane crash but was more certain than ever that he wanted to continue racing. The danger in doing so? "I'm someone who avoids risks," he explained. Whether you crash or not is a matter of physics - and a good team - according to Coulthard.

About PAWLIK Consultants

PAWLIK Consultants was founded in 1996 by Joachim Pawlik in Hamburg. With more than 400 employees at 15 international locations, the group of companies offers personnel and organizational development, HR consulting and digital consulting. The main focus of their systemic consulting approach is people. Through ventures and shareholdings, PAWLIK is constantly expanding its service portfolio for digital transformation. With PINKTUM, one of the largest e-learning providers in Germany, which is dynamically expanding internationally, PAWLIK Consultants is also strongly positioned for the high-growth e-learning market.

About the Pawlik Congress

The Pawlik Congress is the networking event in the north with knowledge impulses and individual views of successful personalities from politics, economy, science, sports and culture. It was established in 2002 by Joachim Pawlik, founder and CEO of the PAWLIK Group. Every year, the Pawlik Congress focuses on a new topic around personality factors, leadership and achieving great goals. Prominent speakers such as Edward Snowden, Reinhold Messner, Alena Buyx, and Christian Lindner address around 250 entrepreneurs, business leaders, and managers who attend the Pawlik Congress in Hamburg every year.

For further information about the 21st Pawlik Congress: www.pawlik-congress.com



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For us, “making it happen” means helping you turn your company goals into results. We transform organizations into coherent systems and develop the personal potential of employees. We use the latest scientific research results as a basis for this.

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